I would have a complete-with-photos post of tonight’s dinner, but before that became possible it became very un-possible (to quote prophet Ralph Wiggum). RIP, onion and garlic — we barely knew you. The rice and lima beans are still fine; those’ll be be for tomorrow’s meal. (prediction: soup!) Let’s all collectively have a public sigh of relief that I didn’t set my home ablaze with bacon grease today. And now that the charred smell is wearing off, the house does at least smell delicious. Grazie mille, bacon!

…It would’ve been a delicious casserole experiment. Instead, the Chinese buffet down the road looks like a nice treat. Ooh, or I might still have those restaurant.com coupons… I mean, it is Saturday, after all.



Chinese take-out: quick, cheap and edible in bed while watching Dexter. Weekends!

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