The Christmas Baskets

In my pantry today:

It never fails that these baskets — made for my brothers and myself — are an astounding hit every year under the Christmas tree. You most assuredly cannot tell, from eyeballing alone, the heft of this laundry basket (approx 50lbs of stuff). A photograph really only touches the surface of its depths. You know all those things at World Market or Big Lots you’d like to try but don’t have the disposable income to waste? SANTA’S GOT YOUR BACK! Now, this is not to say my folks are highfalutin and can slap together jaunty foodwealth like this so easily — it is a process in which three equal baskets must be compiled over the weeks or even months before the holidays. My parents are more-than-admirably steadfast in their goal of sibling equality. It is a labor of love, and one for which I will gladly go ahead and clear out some cupboards.

I imagine I’ll do something fun enough in the kitchen with all the leftovers accrued from the three Christmas dinners, and I cannot wait to start adding all of the random asides from this basket into my pantry. Let us all pause now to rub our collective hands together in glee. Amen.

2 responses to “The Christmas Baskets

  1. You should edit this post to list everything that’s in the basket! What a seriously awesome present. It reminds me of those super useful laundry baskets people do for baby showers.

  2. I would were that not a shit-ton more work than for which this blog pays. I did have to clear dishes out of a couple cupboards to accommodate it all — pictures of that are worth posting!

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