Engaging in Other Activities

So I never did write out the recipe for that Dal Makhani I made the other night (how could blogging not be priority #1 in a person’s life!?), and then I used then leftovers of that to smother roasted zucchini boats stuffed with a garlic and kala jeera Basmati pilaf. I wrote recipes for neither of these dishes, which is a damn shame. I’m going to blame a lot of my absentmindedness on the fact that my mind is bamboozled by one new ring on my finger. I am engaged to the amazing woman who changed my life for the better in more ways than I know could be counted; yes, you should be so lucky — she is a yoga instructor who, from the beginning, began improving my health and accompanying me on the dietary forays on which I have jaunted. In addition that and knowing the longest word in the English language,* she’s an actress and singer. Not kidding. #ftw


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