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The White (Bean) Flag

In my pantry today:

This is how I am largely more comfortable cooking. Yeah, I admit to having a slight Flavor Boost™ problem but it feels so much more clean and respectable to go about things from MostlyScratch™ instead of sallying forth with a billionty gravy packets; that feels like the “Poor Man’s Comedy” version of cooking. And nobody wants a fart joke in the kitchen.

Now there’s a little more oil in this than I’d normally see fit to use, but I really wanted to stretch the giant tomato’s hard-cook time to its limits before adding extra liquid. Start your diced onion and mustard seeds out on MH and let the pan get them to chattin you up, then add the diced tomato. Add your garlic paste and other seasonings as you stir and smash the tomatoes down. After 6m or so of this, sprinkle on and stir in your spinach; continue on MH with a vigilant spatula until things begin to stick. Add almond milk in slowly and fold in your beans with great care. Serve over Basmati rice. 4 spoons and a cleaner conscience!

I hate to admit it, as I enjoy the flavors of animal flesh, but eating it several days in a row is a great reminder to my body how badly it aggravates a lot of my symptoms; that is the opposite of where I want to go. Meat is good in small doses, but I need to remember to treat it as a luxury choice in my diet and not as an edible given. Moo.